UFO Disclosure 2018 | New Planets, NASA “Leaks” & Alien Disclosure / Coast To Coast AM Alternative

UFO Disclosure 2018

Tonight we will go deeper down the rabbit hole of the coming “alien” deception that will soon take the world by storm. There is so much chatter across the internet about the coming day of “Disclosure” when they say “…the human race will be forced to rethink everything including religion.” NASA and their Freemason astronauts have been “leaking” their knowledge of UFOs and aliens for years.

New Planets, NASA “Leaks” & Alien Disclosure / Coast To Coast AM Alternative
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UFO Disclosure 2018

UFO Disclosure 2018 | Disclosure 2018 Presidents Of The USA And Their UFO Secrets UNCOVERED!!

UFO Disclosure 2018

Disclosure 2018 Presidents Of The USA And Their UFO Secrets UNCOVERED!!

SHOCKING Insights into the Presidents of the United States and their history of seeking disclosure about UFO DISCOSURE, Aliens vs a Secret ‘inside’ government fighting against them.

Do you want to know if UFO Disclosure is imminent or a false flag? Then let’s look at the history ….

EDIT NOTE: Obama was formerly a United States Senator*. Thank you for submitting your feedback!

Beth compiles her favourite quotes and clips in this anthology (commentary) on the history of UFO Disclosure in the US.

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UFO Disclosure 2018 | UFO Disclosure 2018 NEW UFO Footage Commentary

UFO Disclosure 2018

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David Sereda Provides Another Perspective on the UFO

A UFO, is characterized as an apparent protest in the sky, not identifiable by standard criteria. However the term is generally utilized for guaranteed perceptions of extraterrestrial art.

Most UFOs are later recognized as traditional items or wonders (e.g., air ship, climate inflatables, mists). Some of them are not recognized, either in light of absence of confirmation or in light of the fact that no traditional clarification can be found regardless of broad proof. A few people consider the last cases as conceivable perceptions of extraterrestrial space make.

UFO Disclosure 2018 | Pentagon Disclosure and Secret Aircraft-UFO Encounters

UFO Disclosure 2018


In this video, I look at some famous aircraft-UFO encounters that were heard at the Citizen Hearing in 2013 such as JAL Flight 1628 over Anchorage and the Peruvian pilot Oscar Santa Maria who was ordered to attack a UFO in 1980. Plus you’ll learn about some new cases that you’ve never heard of before including: B-52s encounter UFOs in 1967 over Turkey/Soviet border and two F-104s attack UFO over Lake Superior in 1964 only to lose all engine power and crash into the lake. I also discuss the case of the Luftansa pilot whose jet collided with a small UFO while landing at Mexico City airport. His airline attributed the damage to the plane to metal fatigue.

UFO Disclosure 2018 | The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett LIVESTREAM | January 7, 2018; UFO Disclosure?

UFO Disclosure 2018




Richard and co-host Victor Viggiani welcome two Ufology/ Exopolitics researchers to the program. They will discuss What if the modern push for official disclosure concerning ETI and UFOs is actually one final attempt to take control of our planet? Why is the world being primed for ET disclosure?

GUEST: DEREK GILBERT hosts SkyWatchTV, a Christian
television program that airs on several national
networks, and co-hosts SciFriday, a weekly television
program that analyzes science news with his wife,
author Sharon K. Gilbert.