UFO Disclosure 2018 | New Planets, NASA “Leaks” & Alien Disclosure / Coast To Coast AM Alternative

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UFO Disclosure 2018

Tonight we will go deeper down the rabbit hole of the coming “alien” deception that will soon take the world by storm. There is so much chatter across the internet about the coming day of “Disclosure” when they say “…the human race will be forced to rethink everything including religion.” NASA and their Freemason astronauts have been “leaking” their knowledge of UFOs and aliens for years.

New Planets, NASA “Leaks” & Alien Disclosure / Coast To Coast AM Alternative
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UFO Disclosure 2018

18 thoughts on “UFO Disclosure 2018 | New Planets, NASA “Leaks” & Alien Disclosure / Coast To Coast AM Alternative”

  1. The reason you lose is because science is testable… Your only proof is a book written by men that thought the stars and planets were gods (with a little g) why didn't YAHWEH appear to the Maya, Romans, Greeks, Vikings, Aztecs, all of ancient Europe, all of China, Russia pretty much the entire world.

    You are stupid and if I were a god I would send you to hell for your ignorance after I gave you free will

  2. Explain how if the earth is flat that the suns rises on one side (the east) and sets on the other (the west) or does it some how teleport back to the other side?
    Even though if I talk to people over xbox live they all say it's day or night exactly when it should be. Or are the in on the globe conspiracy?

  3. Explain how we get solar and lunar eclipses if the sun and moon are as the flat earth model contend.

    Why is the shadow of the earth on the moon during an eclipse curved?

    Why can I use a telescope from my garden and see that other planets are all spheres?

    And the fact a lot of you idiots say "well how can you explain that the earth seems to be made just for us?"
    "How come we happen to be here?"

    What you don't seem to understand is that we are here be cause this place I'm this time happens to be right for life to exist!!
    Our solar system for billions of years would have killed us all!

    We still die if we don't eat or drink. We die if we don't breath. We die if we get too hot or cold! We die if we grow too old! Fk sometimes we die before we are even born!

    If your are right, GOD IS EVIl and you are stupid for worshipping evil

  4. And scripture says the earth was flat because the ancient people looked at the earth and it looks flat!

    To your eyes it looks flat but it isnt.
    I urge you to go to a beach with a drone. Wait for sunset, you can get the exact time on the internet. When you see the sun set on the ocean send your drone up as high as you can go… You will see the sun rise again… Magic!!

  5. You do know that the bible was written by men and books were edited out if they didn't fit in with the idea that you need the church.

    Explain dinosaurs… They are not mentioned because the men that wrote the bible knew nothing of them.

    Explain cultures that existed earlier and had the same stories as the bible. Yet you are correct! YOU KNOW THE TRUTH! Lol!
    It is now 2018 and you dark age c***s have held us back for long enough.

    Evolve or die, the bible is written in such a way that anyone can perceive it as full of meaning no matter their beliefs.

    Did you ever think that maybe the great deceiver mentioned in the Old Testament was Jesus?

  6. This Pastor speaking is a flat earth believer.. don’t waist your time .. He thinks we live in a snow globe.. Don’t fall for these deceives, They will stop at nothing to push their lies on others because their fairytale belief is more important than reality. Flat earthers think all powers that be lie about everything. 🙄 Flat Earth is a trolling tactic on YouTube designed to dumb down humanity. when you hear someone that keeps repeating the word Truth its mostly a lie they are pushing… Be cautious to what people tell you these days.. Disinformation is everywhere.

  7. Starts with another government shutdown, it must be happening for real this time. Anarchy is the true symbol, and all these stations are the beast, the Internet is the beast, and the trolls who belive anything that is said. Opinions and asshole, no shortage of either

  8. The only Satan is the Horse shit these tin foil hat holy goalies are teaching !! God will not let us be deceived if we are honest with ourselves and others !! remember God's temple dwells with in us !! God will knows what to do in the end times; because he knows us better then we do ourselves !! HAVE FAITH AND DON'T LISTEN TO FALSE TEACHING !

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