20 thoughts on “UFO Documentary 2018 | UFO Documentary, very creepy! Full length.”

  1. Absolutely the most awesome video I have ever heard! Thank you so much for being willing to tell the nations of the world the truth of the Word of God! Ephesians 6:13-20 explains the truth about all this conspiracy theories. Most of this we do not understand comes from the fact that a lot of this took place before Adam and Eve were ever created. We read in Psalms 89:10 says that the planet Rahab (Nibiru, Planet X) was the original home of Satan! It says it was broken into peaces. The Annunaki came from there. They were fallen angels put away there until their judgment comes to pass. They were originally suppose to be the watchers who were to watch over God’s earth, but they fell with Lucifer and became ugly and grotesque beings, aliens, the demonic realm!! If this is ever exposed, there will be death. Read Romans 2:16 and Luke 8:17. We make the choice; we must be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. If are ashamed of God before men, Jesus will shame us before the Father!! We shall know the truth, and the truth will make us free!! You who made this video, I am very proud of you for being willing to expose the deeds of darkness over the world. Continue to be a light unto a dying world. Read the blessing over you in Numbers 6:24-26. Be blessed!

  2. Very awesome video, it is times like these that the mysteries of God about the government are being revealed. Romans 2:16 says in this last days when God judges the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to His Gospel! Nothing the government can keep to themselves, all of their secrets kept from the public will be exposed to the public. Everything they know, God already knew and will be revealed and exposed in the public!!!

  3. We already know US generals co-ordinated that on sept. 2001. My bones chill even to type it or say it because of how psychopathic you would need to be to do what they did to thier fellow countrymen. Bone chilling…

  4. Hey Curious r u aware that the audio for the "Art Bell show 1997 area 51 call #1" is non existent? That bites so if u can fix it will u? Thnx

  5. Americans must be aware that their country has a shadow government. Their country is being already run and operated like a huge business corporation where the billionaires are the CEO's and the respective multinational corporations are the link to the masses systimatically enslaving the whole earth. What is really sad and terrifying is that Aliens/Demons are behind those planetary CEO's!!!

  6. Very poignant video! I am not sure whether people are going to stay dumb steeple or they are going to wake up and smell the coffee! God is exposing the secrets of men in this day and hour! We had better get things right while we still can!

  7. the whole UFO enigma has been busted open already.. it was manufactured by the elite NWO folks as a way to get nations into a crisis by an ET invasion scheme they created JUST to provide their FIX which is a NWO unity to deal with their created ET crisis

  8. You can't really blame them. .if the American people are too stupid to see behind the bullshit then they get everything they deserve!!!

  9. Wasn't watching at the time, just listening, to the scene when the guy gets escorted out of the president's speech by security, and
    screaming "Help!! Help!! Help!!"..
    I remember a few years back seeing that for the first time, thinking it was pretty alarming..
    Now the thought of crisis acting comes to mind.. Like that whole thing was just planned out..
    Isn't the screaming a little over the top?
    Why would he automatically think he needed help?
    Wouldn't most people assume there getting just getting their ass kicked out of there?
    He was screaming as if he knew they were taking him down to some dungeon forever..
    I could be totally wrong, maybe he did know where they were taking him, and that's why he gave that much reaction..
    Good documentary

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